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Our Team

Our team collectively over 60 years in Insurance experience and has worked in Indian Country at state and federal levels.

Janice Stevens DesRosiers
Lead Tribal Agent/Broker
  • Enrolled San Carlos Apache Tribal member, family owner and agent of American Indian Insurance Services.

  • Licensed Lead Tribal Agent/Broker

  • University of Arizona and Project Central Alumni.

  • Served several Tribal governments within Indian Gaming Regulatory agencies

  • Passionate in the protection tribal assets and now is dedicated to protecting tribes by providing them with affordable Insurance Services.


George Henderson
  • Partial owner is a native of La Verne, CA

  • Over 28 years experience as a Lead Broker.

  • Located in the Old Town area of LaVerne since 1989.

  • He is also a member of the LaVerne Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce for La Verne and BNI (Business Network International).


George "Trey"  Henderson III
  • A senior insurance agent and broker is licensed to handle all types of insurance.

  • He has been in the business for since 2002.

  • Established himself as the go to man for all your personal and business insurance needs.

  • An active member of the community, who is involved in the Chamber of Commerce and TEAM events.

George Email


James Henderson
  • James has over 14 years of experience as a broker and underwriter.

  • Licensed in Property & Casualty, Medical, Life, Disability .

  • Has been serving the community with his involvement in the LaVerne Chamber of Commerce and TEAM events.



Chrissa DesRosiers-Brunet
VP of Marketing,
Broker and Community Agency Representative
  • Attended California State University, Sacramento, double majored in Government and Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Native American Studies.

  • Several tribal entities including non-profit foundations, tribal governments, tribal corporations, tribal casinos and state agencies.

  • Ensure AIIS is actively involved in community events, supporting Indian owned businesses and encouraging tribal youth to be educated when it comes to healthcare and insurance policies.​

Norman H. DesRosiers
Tribal Liaison
  • Actively engaged in Indian Gaming Regulation for over 20 years.

  • Served as Commissioner or Executive Director for four different tribal governmental regulatory agencies, three year appointed term as Vice Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Commission in Washington, D.C.

  • Career in Law enforcement and is a graduate of Central Washington State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Justice.

  • He has written numerous published articles and has testified numerous times before Senate and Congressional committee hearings and helped organize and served several terms as Chairman of the National Tribal Gaming Commissioners and Regulators (NTGC/R) organization.

Norman H. DesRosiers continued
  • Served for many years as Indian Gaming Committee Chair and as a former Board Member of the North American Gaming Regulators Association (NAGRA).

  • In addition to AIIS, he sits on the Board of Directors for Galaxy Gaming and is engaged in regulatory consulting. Norman is a U.S. Army Combat Infantry Vietnam Veteran, earning a bronze star and purple heart.


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